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Impower is the leading home appliance manufacture in China with 90% in house capabilities and global exports representing more than 10% of the global market. Impower strives for a better quality of life all
In 2001,Impower Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, one of the most professional manufacturer of electric kettle in China, was established with its former name Zhongshan Hengbin Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

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The development of Zhongshan Anboer Electrical Applicances Holdings Co., Limited for recent years cannot be achieved with out its emphasis on industrial design. In 2001 , Zhongshan Anboer Elecrical  established its professional industrial design department. Industrial design department, in 2006 , the industrial design department stood alone from the research and development center, and established innovation Design Centre, and developed into an integrated department for product planning and promotion, industrial design, hand plate making and so on...

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